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TOB GROUP For Battery Industry

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            ---Battery technology and development by "One stop"  and "Turn KeySolution. 

            ---Battery materials by "One stop"  and "Turn KeySolution .
Dear friends:
    Welcome to TOB NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD website.. By browsing the web, you can fully understand the company's history, products and services. Sincerely hope that we can work together with all the friends to create mobile electronic products industry chain more healthy, more stable, in order to meet the new change and challenge in the future industrial structure. The future of mobile electronics, electric power products have higher endurance, more safety requirements, our company has the responsibility and obligation,and more ability to do better, walk in the forefront of the industry, becoming the most robust ring in the industry's chain , which, we are confident.
    Whether in the past, present or future, we always keep our promises, "abide by the integrity, mutual benefit", to meet customer’s demand, to achieve an interests balance of customer、enterprise and the society.
    Whether in the past, present or future, we always adhere to the "integrity, science, innovation and excellence" business philosophy, take the innovation to meet customer’s needs as to address the root of their own development. Innovation has always been throughout all work among enterprises. Technical innovation, product innovation, management innovation, system innovation is the source of our competition.
    Whether in the past, present or future, we always adhere to the "people-oriented" management principles, regards talents as the company's most important resource, tap talents, train talents, use talents, activate talents has always been the starting point of our management behavior ,is our product realization foundation.
     From 2008, in an effort to develop global lithium battery, to promote lithium battery progress, we start a new journey. We have the responsibility to clean up the global environment, external development "Turnkey" service: establish R & D centers, pilot lines, production lines, with advanced technology power and our most positive attitude to promote the development of lithium battery industry in the world.
     After years of development, we focus on lithium battery as the center, develop equipment, materials, and electronic products, the formation of a series of industrial products, we specialize in the lithium battery industry, we are willing to contribute to your development.
     Currently,our company has more than 15 years experience in the manufacture of lithium battery, has battery patents more than ten, improvement of equipment more than 500 , material improvement more than 200, Our team includes in China, United States, Japan and South Korea team of engineers .All engineers has more than ten years experience in manufacturing and R & D in the lithium battery industry.We will give you high quality products, advanced technology, advanced manufacturing system, choose us, choose the opportunity.
    I hope we can work together to develop and contribute to the world's lithium battery!
Thank you!

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