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companyXIAMEN TOB new energy technology Co., LTD is a lithium enterprise full of vitality and creativity.TOB has been focused on product development and operations of lithium and its surrounding, Our company became a lithium-ion battery materials, equipment and lithium-ion battery research and development, technology, sales and application solutions in one energy-efficient mobile power solutions provider of professional,,And one of the world's lithium battery manufacturing, development and technology in the forefront. Has a full range of lithium ion battery products series:lithium ion battery material,lithium ion battery equipment,lithium ion battery(aluminium shell battery、polymer battery、cylindrical battery、energy storage battery、bike motive battery、Electric Vehicle battery、PACK battery)。Choose us, you choose a powerful lithium-ion battery technology team, Want to technological improvements? We provide you with a technology improvement program; Want to manufacture lithium-ion batteries? We provide one-stop solution for you, provide a "turn key" project for you.
       TOB adhering to the the optimal mission:TOP OF THE BEST,Excellence in materials, officeequipment, technology, research and development, management, and ongoing research and development and improvement, strive to do our best to reach the top level of the industry. More than 300 Improvement items of materials and equipment, Our company owns the materials, equipment, lithium battery, independent research and development of more than 500 R & D technology, Several national patents in China, Technical areas of convergence Korea, China lithium technology experts, Materials, equipment, battery products supply to the excellent corporate on the world, Worldwide, We designed more than 100 lithium ion battery production lines for Europe ,United States, South Africa, South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia ‘s company. Division our strong technical team can provide you with a full set of solutions of the lithium-ion battery, We can provide a lithium-ion battery materials, battery equipment, lithium-ion battery project planning, manufacturing technology, plant program design and management system.
TOB based on domestic and global perspective, the overall solution”Products + Technology + R & D + services "lithium technology service providers, Is also an emphasis on scientific and technological innovation of state-of-the-art new energy enterprises. TOB will be based on lithium battery, green technology services to the community; Provide services for the world's lithium and new energy technologies, Select the TOB, on the choice of a high-level team, Provide a full range of services for your lithium Development Goals.